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Many groups represent the interests of lawyers, courts, and industries. We’re the only organization representing the interests of individuals in the legal system.

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Responsive Law is committed to providing you with resources you can use to help navigate the legal system. If you need a lawyer, we can teach you how to go about finding one. If you need smart legal forms that guide you on how to complete them, you can buy them here. We also can direct you to legal resources, including lawyers, document preparers, and self-help books.

Access to justice is about more than giving a poor person a lawyer. An accessible justice system requires that even broader segments of our society be able to use it, including those that are forced to navigate the judicial system alone. Our remedies must be expansive and creative. […]We must develop a judicial climate in which people who lack money to hire a lawyer have a reasonable chance to vindicate their rights.”

– Hon. Wallace Jefferson, Chief Justice of Texas